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Skin Cancer Treatment Palmetto FL

Skin Cancer Treatment Options for Individuals in Palmetto, FL

Skin Cancer Treatment Palmetto FLIf you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, treatment is available at Dermatology Associates, located close to Palmetto, Florida. As a comprehensive skin care practice, Dermatology Associates can provide you with the services you need to achieve healthy, cancer-free skin. Our board-certified dermatologists have a high level of experience treating skin cancers and many other medical and cosmetic conditions that can affect the skin.

Dermatology Associates serves patients of all ages and has several office locations near Palmetto, FL, for the convenience of our patients. When you schedule an appointment with us, you’ll also benefit from our patient-first approach. Our dermatologists take the time to fully explain your condition and treatment options to help you determine the best option for you. Some of the skin cancer treatment options we offer include:

  • Cryotherapy, in which a gas is used to freeze and destroy cancer cells
  • Surgical excision, in which the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue is surgically removed
  • Curettage, in which the cancer cells are scraped from the surface of the skin
  • Mohs surgery, which is a highly precise method for removing cancer cells layer by layer from delicate areas like the face to preserve the most healthy tissue

Additionally, PhotoDynamic Therapy™ is an innovative treatment option we offer for pre-cancerous and superficial growths. This treatment involves applying a medicated cream that is activated using a special blue light to destroy cancer cells.

Whether you’d like to schedule a skin cancer screening to check for unusual growths or you’ve already received a diagnosis and are seeking skin cancer treatment, you can rely on our experienced team of skin care professionals. Contact Dermatology Associates today to learn more about our skin care services and to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve residents of Palmetto, FL, and all nearby areas.