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Benign Growths

Seborrheic keratosis

This is a very common non-cancerous growth that can grow quite thick and have a warty surface. They have a waxy, “pasted-on-the-skin” look. Some look like a dab of warm, brown candle wax on the skin. Others may resemble a barnacle sticking to a ship. It is common to have many lesions. They can range in color from white to black with most being gftan or brown.

Cherry hemangioma

A very common benign growth that is red to purple color and can be flat or raised. They are commonly on the breasts and abdomen, but can be anywhere on the skin. Changes in hormones like pregnancy can trigger more to form.

Nevi (Benign Moles)

Moles are very common growths in adults and children. They can be anywhere on the body. Benign features are if they are round and symmetrical, made of only one color and smaller than a pencil eraser. They also should not be growing or changing month to month.


These are generally tan to brown firm small nodules commonly on the legs. They often form after an insect bite and some people tend to be more genetically prone to them and have multiple lesions.
Lipoma: These are soft, mobile nodules under the skin that consist of fat cells. They are benign, but can grow and become painful, so may be excised if needed.

Epidermal Cysts

Cysts can occur anywhere on the body and have a genetic predisposition. They are generally firm nodules that have a small central hole or punctum. They may drain a cheesy material that has a foul odor. They are benign, however if they break open under the skin they can become painful and inflamed requiring drainage. In order to remove cysts the entire cyst wall or capsule must be removed surgically.