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Mohs Surgery Palmetto FL

Mohs Surgery and Other Skin Cancer Treatments Available for Palmetto, FL, Residents

Mohs Surgery Palmetto FLMohs surgery is a highly precise skin cancer treatment that is only offered by dermatologists who have gone through specialized training in this procedure. At Dermatology Associates, located nearby to Palmetto, Florida, we are proud to have a Mohs-certified dermatologist on staff to provide this treatment in addition to the many other skin cancer screening and treatment services we have available.

Often used to treat squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, Mohs surgery is one of the most effective treatment options available. The procedure involves removing the cancerous lesion one layer at a time. After each layer is removed, the dermatologist inspects the cells and then repeats this process until no more cancer cells are detected. This level of precision ensures that the greatest amount of healthy tissue surrounding the lesion is preserved, making it particularly beneficial for skin cancers that develop in sensitive areas, like the face and neck.

The methodical nature of Mohs surgery means that this procedure can take several hours to complete. Therefore, patients from Palmetto, FL, and other nearby areas who come to Dermatology Associates for treatment are encouraged to prepare for their appointments by:

  • Wearing comfortable clothing
  • Having the affected area of skin free of cosmetics and lotions
  • Bringing a magazine, book, or other reading material to pass the time
  • Avoiding alcohol, Vitamin E, aspirin, and other medications that can thin the blood
  • Bringing snacks and water with you

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, our knowledgeable dermatologists will be happy to provide you with the information you need. Whether you’re looking for Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer or treatment services for another skin concern, we can help you understand your condition and determine which treatment option is right for you.

Contact Dermatology Associates today to learn more about Mohs surgery and other skin cancer treatment options we offer for residents of Palmetto, FL.