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Mohs Surgery Lakewood Ranch FL

Mohs Surgery Available to Residents of Lakewood Ranch, FL

Mohs Surgery Lakewood Ranch FLMohs surgery is an advanced treatment option for patients with certain types of skin cancer. Individuals in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, can find this procedure offered nearby at Dermatology Associates. Our skin care experts are highly experienced in treating all types of medical and cosmetic skin conditions, and our team includes a dermatologist who has completed special training and certification to perform Mohs surgery.

This surgical procedure is a highly precise skin cancer treatment that involves scraping away one layer of the skin lesion at a time to remove the cancerous cells. Each layer is immediately inspected using a microscope to check for cancer cells, and this process is repeated until no more cancer cells are detected. Because of the level of precision involved, Mohs surgery offers better cure rates than standard excisions while also sparing the largest amount of healthy tissue surrounding the lesion. These aspects make this procedure particularly beneficial for skin cancers that appear in sensitive areas, such as the face.

Patients from Lakewood Ranch, FL, who choose Dermatology Associates for skin cancer screening and treatment or any other skin care concern, also benefit from the fact that we:

  • Have several offices, conveniently located throughout the area
  • Strive to address as many conditions or concerns as possible within a single appointment
  • Take the time to explain treatment options and answer patient questions
  • Provide comprehensive skin care treatment for both medical and cosmetic concerns

If you’d like to learn more about Mohs surgery or any other skin care treatment options we offer, contact Dermatology Associates today. We proudly serve residents from Lakewood Ranch, FL, and the surrounding communities.