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Mohs Surgery Ellenton FL

Mohs Surgery an Option for Ellenton, FL, Residents at Dermatology Associates

Mohs Surgery Ellenton FLMohs surgery is a highly precise procedure used to treat certain types of skin cancer and can only be offered by dermatologists who have gone through special training to perform this surgery. Residents of Ellenton, Florida, and nearby communities who are interested in receiving this specialized treatment can turn to Dermatology Associates. We are proud to have a Mohs-certified dermatologist on staff who can provide this treatment option to individuals in and around Ellenton, FL.

Similar to a traditional excision, Mohs surgery involves removing all of the cancerous tissue from the skin. During the procedure, cancer cells are removed layer by layer. A dermatologist inspects each layer after it is removed until no more cancerous tissue is detected. This level of precision makes Mohs surgery particularly useful for lesions that:

  • Are located in sensitive areas, such as on the face or hands
  • Have irregular borders that are difficult to define
  • Have recurred or have a high likelihood of recurrence

Mohs surgery is an outpatient procedure that can be completed in a single office visit. The appointment will likely last several hours, depending on the extent and nature of the skin cancer. Therefore, patients are advised to wear comfortable clothing and bring snacks and reading material to pass the time.

At Dermatology Associates, our experienced dermatologists are ready to help you with all of your medical and cosmetic skin care concerns. Whether you have already been diagnosed with skin cancer and are seeking treatment, are interested in receiving a skin cancer screening, or have another skin concern altogether, our specialists are ready to help you find the care and treatment you need to enjoy your most healthy and beautiful skin.

Contact Dermatology Associates today to schedule an appointment to discuss Mohs surgery and other treatment options we offer. We welcome patients from Ellenton, FL, and the surrounding communities.