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Melanoma Treatment Sarasota FL

Melanoma Treatment Available in Sarasota, FL, by Dermatology Associates

Melanoma Treatment Sarasota FLDermatology Associates offers melanoma treatment and other skin cancer services for patients in and around Sarasota, Florida. Melanoma can develop when the DNA in skin cells becomes damaged due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight or tanning beds. This form of cancer can appear anywhere on the body and usually resembles a mole; it is typically black or brown but can also appear in other colors, including skin-toned, red, blue, pink, or white.

It’s important to seek melanoma treatment as early as possible once this skin cancer has been detected. Left unchecked, melanoma can quickly spread to other areas of the body, making it the most dangerous form of skin cancer. However, when detected early, melanoma treatment requires only a simple surgical procedure to remove the melanoma, or a topical chemotherapy. If you have an unusual mole, you can visit Dermatology Associates in Sarasota, FL, to check for melanoma. Some of the signs of an abnormal mole can be remembered using ABCDE:

  • Asymmetrical shape (A) – The mole is an irregular or asymmetrical shape.
  • Irregular border (B) – The mole has an irregular border with jagged edges.
  • Changes in color (C) – The mole has changed color or has an uneven color throughout.
  • Large diameter (D) – The mole is larger than a quarter inch in diameter.
  • Evolving mole (E) – The mole changes in size, color, or shape, or it develops new symptoms like itchiness.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should meet with a dermatologist who can check the mole and provide treatment if necessary. Dermatology Associates offers comprehensive skin care services for both medical and cosmetic concerns, including skin cancer screening and melanoma treatment. Our skin doctors are highly experienced in performing skin exams, completing biopsies on any suspicious growths, and providing onsite treatment for confirmed skin cancer cases.

To schedule an appointment for a skin cancer screening or to receive melanoma treatment, contact Dermatology Associates today. Our offices are conveniently located throughout the Sarasota, FL, area.