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Contact Dermatitis Treatment Sarasota FL

Contact Dermatitis Treatment Available in Sarasota, FL

Contact Dermatitis Treatment Sarasota FLTreatment for contact dermatitis is offered at Dermatology Associates in Sarasota, Florida. If you have a form of dermatitis or any other rash or skin condition, our board-certified dermatologists can provide you with the diagnosis and treatment services you seek. At Dermatology Associates, our practice specializes in medical and cosmetic skin concerns to help you achieve your most healthy and beautiful skin.

Contact dermatitis occurs when your skin becomes irritated, itchy, inflamed, or red as a result of contact with a chemical or substance. Most often, these substances are known irritants, such as rubbing alcohol, bleach, detergents, and soaps. However, contact dermatitis may also be the result of contact with an allergen that causes an immune response in your body. Any substance can be an allergen, but some of the most common ones include nickel, formaldehyde, poison ivy, and personal hygiene products.

Typically, rashes from contact dermatitis do not require medical treatment and will resolve themselves within a matter of a few weeks. Keeping the rash clean and using an anti-itch cream can help with symptoms. If you know what caused the irritation, you can avoid that substance to prevent future reactions. However, you may want to schedule an appointment at Dermatology Associates in Sarasota, FL, if:

  • Your rash is painful or severe
  • You do not see signs of improvement after several days
  • You have blisters with pus coming out, which may be a sign of an infection
  • Your rash affects a sensitive area of your skin, such as your face
  • Your symptoms affect a large area of your body

In these cases, we may recommend a stronger contact dermatitis treatment, such as a prescription steroid cream or an oral medication. For individuals who are not sure what caused the allergic reaction, a patch test may be recommended to help identify substances that should be avoided in the future.

If you have a rash that’s causing you some concern, don’t hesitate to call Dermatology Associates and set up an appointment. We will be happy to provide the contact dermatitis treatment or other skin care services you require at one of our offices located in Sarasota, FL.